Sunday, August 12, 2012

Iligan City : An Exquisite Paradise

In all my years of living here in Iligan City, I am proud to say that this city truly lives to its distinctions.

Located in the North-eastern part of Mindanao, facing Iligan Bay and just 795 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila, Iligan City covers an area of no less than 813.37 square kilometers occupied by 44 different barangays. After its famous Maria Cristina Falls became a major source of power in the 1950s, Iligan’s population increased rapidly. Its people mostly came from Visayas and other various places in Mindanao. This highly urbanized area is also geographically located at the crossroad of rich culture the Maranaos of Lanao del Sur, Higaunons of Bukidnon and other settlers and migrants have. Due to its strategic location, the city is proud of the peaceful coexistence of varied cultural mix on its general community. This harmonious relationship is manifested during the annual celebration of the city fiesta honouring its patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. KASADYA, a street dancing celebration also highlights these wealthy and diverse cultural traditions along with the customary Diandi, eskrima and the street drama called Sinulog.

 Celebrated annually, The colorful Sinulog Festival not only displays the rich culture of Iligan but provides enjoyment to the onlookers as well.

There are a lot of means of getting to Iligan. The fastest and most convenient way would probably to take a plane to Cagayan de Oro City and from there, take a bus or hire a taxi in order to travel the 86 kilometers to Iligan. There is also the sea route which will make the travel a bit longer. Fortunately, over the years, many major shipping companies have constantly upgraded their fleets and now offer reasonable accommodations and facilities as well as faster service with some taking only about 25 hours or less from or to Manila.

Iligan City also boasts of the different places that it has to offer. One good example of this is the City Hall.

Home to the City officials, The Iligan City Hall is a good place to enjoy and learn about the City of Iligan

Situated on top of Buhanginan Hill, the City Hall is a good place to view the magnificence of the entire city. Many people often visit this place to enjoy the view and let their kids play around in the children’s playground. The road up to the top of the hill also proves to be a challenge which has constantly been accepted by people out for some early-morning exercise.

The Iligan Anahaw Amphitheater, A work of art created to become the Jewel of Iligan

Near the City hall is the Anahaw Amphitheater which is known as the "Jewel of Iligan" and the largest open amphitheater in Mindanao. Usually peaceful and silent, this open-air venue often becomes the largest playground in Iligan due to many children playing and romping in it. 

A magnificent work of nature, The Maria Cristina Falls attracts the attention of locals and  foreigners alike.
Next to this would definitely be the iconic Maria Cristina Falls which is located on the Agus River. This is probably the most famous of Iligan’s attractions and is sometimes referred to as the “Twin Falls” because the water is split in two by a large rock at the threshold of the 320 feet drop.

One of the most fun-filled destinations in Iligan, The Timoga Springs and Swimming Pools offers not only enjoyment but also an ecstasy to its swimmers.

Then we have the Timoga Springs and Swimming Pools which is widely known for its cool and limpid waters. Timoga is very popular to visitors and Iliganons alike due to its accessibility and affordability.

Aside from the pleasing view, the Mimbalut Falls also offers a lot of amazing activities for its visitors.

We also have the Mimbalut Falls near Barangay Buru-un. Having a 90 feet high and 18  feet wide drop, this not-so high and mighty falls is very alluring with its naturally lucid waters. It also provides a very enjoyable swimming spot with the water being fresh and cool.

Showing its great height, Limunsudan Falls is indeed extraordinary with its lower part alone cascading higher than the Maria Cristina Falls.

There is also the Limunsudan Falls which is located at Barangay Rogongon. Although its distance from the city is 54 kilometres, this waterfall claims to be “the Philippines’ highest waterfalls”.  It is a beautiful two-tiered falls and has a total height of 870 feet. It is also close to the eastern boundaries of Iligan City, Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur.

Situated in a secluded area, the Tinago Falls is one of the most interesting places to visit in Iligan.

Also, we have the Tinago Falls. Literally hidden in a deep ravine, reaching this waterfall is a straining challenge often undertaken by bold adventurers and explorers. Nevertheless,  the accomplishment of triumphing over this challenge is definitely satisfying. This beautiful falls cascades into a basin of deep, ice-cold water which is perfect for a rejuvenating swim. With its verdant green environment, this natural attraction with its wonderful scenery is a sight to behold.

Being a bit far from the city proper, Maze Park Resort is an enjoyable place to relax and appreciate the wonders of nature.
Another marvelous attraction would be the Maze Park Resort which is known as a perfect sojourn for nature lovers. Being 11 kilometers away from the city proper, this relaxing site has its junior and Olympic-sized swimming pools. This resort also offers some nice cottages, a function hall, a restaurant and a botanical park filled with birds and animals.

Iligan City is not only known for its tourist destinations but also for its propelling industries. Known as the Industrial Center of the South, the economy in this city is export-driven. The commodities include coconut oil, copra solvent extract, pellets, tapioca chips, electrolytic plates and Ferro chrome in bags which are exported to major export markets such as Europe, Korea, Singapore, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Spain, China and Taiwan. Large companies are also found in Iligan City. These include vast industrial parks with cement factories such as the Iligan Cement Corporation (ICC) which is the only cement firm in the Philippines with an automated loading system for bulk and clinker exports as well as food processing mills like the Pilmico Foods Corporation that produces wheat flour and makes the Kiwalan Cove in the city a nostalgic sight to foreign ships docked in the cove with its main structure that stands close to the sea along with its port facilities.   

Copra, cement, Electrolytic tin plates and ferro chromes are some of Iligan's top export-quality products.  
There are still a lot of things to mention about this marvelous city. A lot of interesting places to behold. But to make the stay more enjoyable, one must witness the splendor of the city firsthand. So it would be better if you yourself would be able to witness the grandeur of this beautiful city that transcends even time.

*An official entry to the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012


  1. Reading your article really made me proud that I'm living here in Iligan. Indeed, this place is paradise. All the beautiful spots mentioned above are really worth appreciating. :)

  2. I like Iligan City because it is not as polluted as Manila but I didn't really think highly of it. After reading this post, I appreciated the city more. Good job for being informative.

  3. proud to say- that I am an Iliganon! :D